Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nap-time and Feeding Tubes

Normally, I blog about things that have gone wrong, Wendy being sick, or my opinion on something concerning special needs children/moms.

This, however, is pretty humorous (even though I didn't think so at the time).

I laid Wendy down for a nap around 1:00. I was hoping she'd fall asleep quickly so that I could nap too. I'd had a headache, no, not a headache, a migraine since I woke up at 9:00. 

You're all probably thinking "ooo she got to sleep in, how lucky" NOT! I was up from 3:00am- 6:30am with my little Tator Tot. 

Ok, back to laying her down.... I changed her diaper and hooked her up for a feed and put her in her crib. I go back to my bedroom to sit in the dark until Wendy falls asleep.  When I look at the monitor, she was tangled 100 different directions. So I went in and unhooked her. Then she unsnapped the bottom of her sleeper and pulled it up where she could reach her tube. She pulled all the dressing and Mepilex off and tried to eat it. So I went back in there took the rest of the dressing off and even unhooked the extension so she wouldn't have anything to pull on.  For a while, she tried to pull at her button through her sleeper them she got frustrated and unsnapped the bottom and pulled her legs out... and then TOOK OFF HER DIAPER. I walked in and she was playing with the diaper and laughing about it, all with her bare tushie shining. I couldn't help but laugh.

Finally I taped her button down, put on a new diaper, and got a zip up sleeper. I laid her back down. By this time it was 2:30-ish.  After fussing for about 5 mins she finally passed out and slept until 4:45. So did I ;)

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