Sunday, December 30, 2012

Still Fighting the Vomiting.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook know that we are stilling battling the vomiting. The Prevacid and Bethanechol didn't work. The PH probe is scheduled for Jan 4. I'm not sure if we'll do the whole study in the hospital or if we will be coming home with the probe in her nose. We have to be at Scottish Rite at 8:30 Friday morning. I'm just ready to get this figured out so we can continue to move forward. I knew when I had Wendy that life would consist of constant battles for her health and I'm okay with that, but still as her mother, I can't stand seeing her vomit up everything I put in her tube and her losing weight (she's right at 14lbs now, which means she's lost about 4oz total, but that's a couple weeks worth of gaining for her).  However, on a brighter note, Wendy had a wonderful second Christmas. It completely wore me out dragging Wen here, there, and everywhere, but she had fun. I hope everyone had a great holiday too and I will update as soon as there is some change or after Wendy's probe study.

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