Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful for a Pediatrician That Listens

After almost 4 days of keeping nothing down, I told my pediatrician I suspected a milk allergy. Her first words were, it’s possible, let’s try a different formula. We are both still hoping it turns out to be a virus that was causing Wendy’s vomiting and hoping that the soy is just a little easier on her tummy and that we’ll eventually be able to go back to products containing milk, but for now, I am just thrilled to know my baby is not starving to death and that she can breathe through her nose. The mucus has cleared up almost completely and Wendy has held down her soy formula since 12:00. Every other feed we are still doing pedialyte, and our goal within the next 24-36 hours is to be back on full feeds. We’ll continue the soy based formula (as long as she’s still tolerating it well) for the next 1-2 weeks and after that we will decide if we want to try to switch back to her normal formula. As for now, I am going to try to get some sleep. I’ll have to be up every 3 hours to switch her pump from formula to pedialyte so I better rest while I can. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Thanks for everyones prayers and concern. :)

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