Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer for Others.

I may have unintentionally sparked a bit of controversy on my personal Facebook page. My post was:
I know many of my facebook friends "like" Tripp Halstead's page and pray daily for him. I'd just like to remind everyone that there are many, many sick/disabled kids that need prayer too. I've met many families facing difficult struggles through Wendy's support page and I would love to get more prayers for them because they don't have hundreds of thousands of followers, and they haven't been on the news. So I say tonight when you say your prayer for Tripp, pray for those less known children who are also facing difficult challenges and struggles of their own. And of course, I ask for continued prayers for my sweet, precious Wendy.


I want to start by saying, I in no way meant anything negative toward Tripp or his family. Team Boom all the way! I also did not mean that I wanted Wendy to have that kind of exposure via news/facebook/whatever, however I do not mind sharing Wendy’s story with anyone who is curious. I have no shame in talking about it and I feel the more people that are informed about Wendy, the more accepted she will be because she has disabilities and will never be what society considers “normal” so I want her and others to understand being different is okay.

Now to address the part people may have misconstrued. I definitely did not mean that Tripp and his experience should not be shared with the world. It is a miraculous story and I believe it’s nice that people know about him. What I was saying, is that there are other children out there that are just as sick, have beaten just as many odds, or are experiencing an extraordinary life with disabilities and they all need your prayer too! It doesn’t matter that you do not know their name or that you’re not following them on Facebook or that you haven’t seen their story on the news; still pray!

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