Friday, May 30, 2014

My Moon and Stars

Zed and I were spying on Wendy this afternoon. We had put her in her playpen with a big, very special teddy bear while we made sandwiches for supper. We stood beside the stairs just watching her as she laughed and giggle and conversed with this bear.

This bear is very special because I got him the day Zed returned home for R&R during his deployment in Afghanistan. I knew he was coming home in April, but I did have exact dates. He told me he was stuck in Kabul when he was really getting off a plane in Atlanta GA. My mom called and said she needed help at their shop (my parents own an auto repair shop) and she wanted me to come answer phones. She told me to look presentable because I'd usually show up in sweats!  But when I walked in the office there was a huge Bearrington Bear holding a half dozen red roses and wearing Zed's ACU hat. I began looking for him and found him in the parts room.  It was the first time I'd seen him in months and I didn't want to let him go. That's why that bear is so special.....

... Okay back to Wendy's story. As Zed and I watched her hug and kiss and babble to this bear, I said, "How did we get so lukcy?".

You know, I've had numerous people tell me how lucky Wendy is to have a mom and dad who care so much, are attentive, and would do anything in the world for her. And yes, I do agree, Wendy's lucky she has us for parents. We have only one child so we focus 100% on Wendy. We have the financial means to care for her. We have family who are willing to help, even though I won't take the help. And we do have such a deep emotional bond with Wendy.

But truly, Wendy's not the lucky one. Zed and I are. She has given us reason to live, breathe, and get up in the mornings. Wendy is my sun, my moon and stars. And as unhealthy as it may sound, she is my world. So the next time someone says "Wendy is so blessed to have you." I'll be thinking "No, I'm the blessed one."

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