Monday, March 9, 2015

My Daughter Rides the Short Bus....

Well, technically, Wendy doesn't ride any bus. I drive her to school. 

Back in September, a month before her third birthday, we began visiting the preschool and doing developmental assessment, IEPs, the works. The day after my baby turned 3, she had her first day of school. 

She was wearing a black and white polka dot skirt, a big white bow in her hair, and a little white onesie that read "though she be but little, she is fierce" more of a reminder for me that Wendy is tough enough to go to school and to be away from mummy. Wendy was much more prepared for this than I was. My palms were sweaty as her dad and I walked her down the hall to Ms. Jodi's Special Ed class. It seemed like the hallway was neverending and I was ready to turn and break into a run to take my baby home... which is exactly why we had to bring daddy along. Once we got into the class Wendy was all smiles and ready to play. She didn't even look back at us as we left her. 

That's been five months ago and I am so glad I made the decision to send her to a public preschool. I honestly never thought I'd feel comfortable leaving Wendy with "strangers" because I rarely even let family keep Wendy. I'm very overprotective and like to know exactly what she does all day long. It's hard for a mum to leave her entire world in someone else's care. But I knew how much it would benefit Wendy and eventually benefit me as well. 

I remember hearing parents complain about Blackwell even back when I was in elementary (and Blackwell wasn't just a preschool, but a K-5 like our 4 other elementary schools). I heard complaints about the school academics, the location, etc., etc. but I was taught not to judge based on other opinions, so I decided to check it out myself. And I was amazed. I'm not sure what the normal pre-k classes are like, but Wendy's special needs classroom is incredible. Her teachers are beyond great and I love that she gets all of her therapy at school now! Not to mention, everyone seems to love Wendy. 

I can truly say Paul J. Blackwell has given Wendy the building blocks for her foundation for her future education.  There is no place I'd rather Wendy be.

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