Monday, October 15, 2012

Worst Day Ever :/

Please excuse any misspellings or weird autocorrects. I've been awake for almost 24 hours. That plus stress and there's no telling what kind of mistakes I could make.  Today was surgery day for Wendy. Mommy got up at 12:00 to stop her formula an switch her to a pedialtye feed. At 2:00am I got up to start getting ready to leave, we had to leave by 3:30. After getting to the children's hospital at Egelston, we had to figure out how to park. This parking garage is weird (almost as bad as 7 south at Vanderbilt university hospital, except you have to pay here!!). We finally got to the day surgery department and saw the waiting room was tiny (keep in mind we're used to the surgery center at Monroe Carell Children's hospital that was donated by Rascal Flatts and is super nice, and BIG!) and it took a bit for us to be called back, even though we arrived at 6:30 and were supposed to be Dr. Wulkan's first surgery of the day. Zed and I sat in the pre op room trying to keep Wendy entertained for an hour and a half before our nurse finally came in. The room had a big stretcher in there, so there was no crib or anywhere to lay Wendy because she rolls so much. We just took turns passing her off. After the nurse came in, Zed went to the waiting room with our bags and my mom came back to help. Soon after that Dr. Wulkan came in to tell me that the schedule was messed up and she wasn't going back for surgery until 11:00. So I had an irritable baby who had been awake for hours that was hungry. The surgery went smoothly and we were taken to a room to wait for Wendy. She came in about 2:30 and Zed held her for a brit before he left to go back home. My mom ended up staying with me because Wendy had been crying and kicking ever since she came to the room. The nurse gave her pain meds and nothing helped. If we laid her down, she would cry so much her heart rate would shoot up and her pulse ox would drop. She also hates her IV in her hand. About 8:30 they came in to tell me to she was running a fever of 102 and needed Tylenol. After I told them her feet and hands were swollen they said they'd bring in a resident to see her. It's not 11:00 and we haven't seen a doctor. And the nurse came back in to say the tech that took temps mixed up patients and Wendy wasn't really running a fever. The only good thing right now is that Wendy fell asleep in my arms about 9:00. I got her laid in the crib at 10:30. I knew she would sleep deeper if she wasn't being held. My mom is asleep. She went to sleep right after Wendy did. This mana bear is watching her baby like a hawk. I'll probably wake up mom in about an hour so I can get an hour or two of rest. Until then in guarding the door because our night nurse likes to walk in and talk at the top of her voice, like my kids not trying to sleep. If she wakes Wendy up, I'm making her sit in here and rock her!

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