Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sleep Deprived Mama

My darling Wendy is still sick; low grade fever, excessively snotty nose, sneezing/coughing, spitting up foamy mucus, the works. All of this on top of her first yeast infection around her stoma. I'm not very concerned because her fever isn't reaching over 100.5 and the congestion is not in her chest. The biggest problem is Wendy's breathing. I have to keep her nasal passages clear in order for her to breath and it's easy for this thick, sticky mucus to clog her itty bitty nose. I've been using saline and suctioning her as needed, but not too often because suctioning can irritate the nasal passages and cause them to swell, which again would worsen her ability to breathe. And of course, while i was rushing to get her out of the crib to auck her nose because she was blowing out a ton of snot, I accidentally pulled her g tube button out. It didn't bust the bubble and luckily I'm a pro at changing buttons, so I sucked her quickly and put the button right back in. I'm also using Vick's baby rub and that seems to help some. As for the yeast infection around her stoma, I am treating with nystatin cream and powder, and I'm taping her colostomy all the way around so it will stay on. Obviously any sort of cream is going to make the bag not stick as well, but we'd much rather have a leaky bag than an infected stoma. I am honestly surprised we went a year without getting one sooner, simply because Wendy is on antibiotics daily. This has been the 3rd night I have barely gotten any sleep. I have too much to do to miss out on sleep right now. I will try to give everyone an update on sweet Wen later.

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