Monday, November 5, 2012

Vaccinations? Exposure? Prevention for the future?

When Zed and I found out Wendy was sick, we blamed neither of ourselves. We had done everything as parents to care for our darling growing fetus. But now that I am having to fight for her to get Medicaid we are looking into what could have actually caused this rare abnormality in our perfect daughter.

First of all, let’s take a look at a list of what vaccines soldiers are required to have before deployment. Vaccines

Now let’s look at what exactly is in those vaccines.

While Zed was in Afghanistan, these are some of the things he could have been or was exposed to.

Currently the VA is only recognizing Vietnam and Korea when it comes to veteran’s children’s birth defects. But I have seen and spoke to many who had healthy children before a recent deployment and then after that deployment, they have a special needs child.

I’m not saying it was definitely the vaccines. I’m not saying it was definitely something Zed was exposed to in Afghanistan.  I do, however, think it should be looked into much, much further.

Our reality is, we have no idea why Wendy is the way she is. We have no idea how she will be in the years to come. And I’m okay with that. I’m not saying all vaccinations are bad. Wendy has had all of her shots that her pediatrician has recommended. I’m definitely not one of those mother’s who think that the MMR vaccine causes autism. I’m sure some children have reactions to vaccines just like I react badly to penicillin. I’m just saying that some of these extreme vaccines may not be as safe as the CDC makes them out to be.

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