Monday, January 2, 2012

Busy Week Ahead

Tomorrow Zed starts back work. Wendy also has a doctor appointment. She has one on Wednesday as well. And finally on Thursday and Friday her home health nurse comes. I'm not sure if Zed will be going to her appointment with me tomorrow. I am honestly pretty nervous about venturing out with her alone. It's hard enough carrying a carseat and diaper bag, much less a feeding pump and apnea monitor. I suppose I will get used to it though. As a mom, you learn to do what you have to.

Another reason I hate Zed going back to work is the fact that I will be home with Wendy, by myself, all day. Usually I go to bed when Wendy does (which is usually around 6) and Zed does her feedings until 11 or 12. Now he will be going to sleep early too since he'll have to get up early. Wendy has been awake for a few hours so I'm sure she will be asleep soon. Once Zed gets back from getting his hair cut we will eat dinner- I made chili- and watch a movie. Then it'll be time to do Wendy's afternoon care and put her to bed.

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