Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seven Pound Baby! Woohoo!

Today Wendy had an appointment with her pediatrician. They didn't do anything except weigh her and refill her medications. We also scheduled an appointment for her 4 month shots. It's amazing to think she's almost 3 months old already. What's even more amazing is the fact that she weighs 7lbs 4oz. I told you, she's thriving at home! Last Friday she only weighed 6lbs 12oz. I know she doesn't really weigh 7lbs 4oz because we didn't weigh her without clothes because the doctor's office was freezing, but I would say she is at least 7lbs.

She has been awake almost all day! She woke up about 9 or 10 to start getting ready for the doctor and the only time she has slept since then was in the car. Maybe she will sleep good tonight because we have to take a trip to Nashville tomorrow to go to the NICU graduate clinic. I really hope we both get some good rest tonight because it is exhausting taking a baby anywhere with a feeding pump and monitors. Hopefully tomorrow they will tell us she can go down to 26 calories of formula instead of 28. She's having a bit of a hard time adjusting to all formula- she's spitting up more than before and I feel like she has a lot more gas. Now I wish I had've kept pumping. I guess the most important thing is that Wendy is getting the nutrition she needs and growing.

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