Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Zed!

Yesterday Zed went to a wedding in Mississippi where he was a groomsman. Wendy and I had planned on going, but it's a several hour drive away and I didn't want to have to deal with a fussy baby at a wedding, so we decided to stay home. And since we were staying home, we figured we'd surprise Zed for his birthday (even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow, Feb 20)! I had Wendy in a cute shirt that I made, which said "Happy Birthday Daddy!" and I made a killer birthday cake! I even had a Happy Birthday sign on the door, streamers hanging from the lights, and 2 banners on and above the kitchen table. Oh, and there were 6 Happy Birthday balloons floating around. To top it all off, I had Zed's birthday present sitting beside the cake, ready to be opened.

He was totally surprised. He didn't get in until 11:00pm and I was sleeping on the couch, Wendy was in her swing. I got up and lit the candles on the cake and sang happy birthday and then made him open his gift. His gift was a baby's handprint mold of sweet little Wendy's hand. That handprint was so hard to get. The mold is definitely not perfect, but Zed still loved it. He made me put it on display last night, so now the crappy handprint I took is on a shelf with pictures of Zed's mother, my mother, my grandparents, and a wedding photo. I think it's pretty sweet though.

All in all, I think it was a great night! We actually surprised Zed and he seemed to enjoy it. He even asked if we could keep up the decorations until after his birthday! :)

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