Friday, February 10, 2012


It's unbelievable that Wendy is already four months old. Two days ago, on February 8th, Wendy turned four months old. She has grown so much! She is already over 7 lbs 8 oz. From her birth weight being 3 lbs 15 oz, I think she's growing fabulously.

She was supposed to have her four month shots yesterday, but I've been sick (stupid viral infection) and didn't think I could handle me being sick and Wendy not feeling well. So we rescheduled. She'll now go on February 23rd and on the 29th she has an appointment with surgery.

It's all coming at us so fast, it seems. Zed will be done with the Army very soon so I am going to talk to Wendy's surgeon in Nashville and see if she can recommend someone in Georgia. I mean, we could get Wendy's next surgery done here in March, but what happens if she gets an infection and is in the hospital longer than anticipated? What if she's in there past our move date? I think it would be a lot easier and a lot less stressful on us if we could just do it in Georgia. It would be nice to have my family around for support too. For Wendy's last two surgeries Zed and I had to lean on each other. I think it's time to give our shoulders a rest and share the weight with others. And I know of several people who would love take it.

It's really tough, and sometimes it seems like she's a burden, but sweet Wendy brings absolute joy into my life. Every stress and worry I've had over her, they were worth it, because she's worth it. I'm fairly certain Zed and I have the most beautiful, the most precious, and the sweetest baby girl ever. And honestly, if you are around her for more than two minutes, I guarantee you will fall in love with that little miracle too. If you don't, you're either crazy or coldhearted, or possibly both! :)

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  1. I saw a comment you posted on Tripp's wall,accidentally touched your name (on phone screen), and instantly fell in love with your sweet Wendy. I started at the beginning of your story and have currently read up to here. I look forward to continued reading of your beautiful story.
    Wendy is a beautiful blessing.