Thursday, February 16, 2012

Button Change At Home!

Wendy has a g tube button that she is fed through. At the end of the button there is a balloon that you put water in. Wendy's balloon busted today and her button came out. Zed held her down while I replaced it for the first time at home! Honestly, my nerves are shot, but I had to finally do it at home because she has been through 5 button changes since December and we cannot drive to Nashville every time something happens. The only reason it's scary changing her button is because there is a hole that goes straight into her stomach. Her stomach is stitched up to the wall of her abdomen and the hole goes straight from the outside to the inside of her stomach. If you press the button in the wrong way, it can detach her stomach from her abdomen and then her formula would be pumping outside of her stomach. We checked it but attaching a clean extension and waiting to see if stomach contents came out. As nervous as it made me to change it, I feel extremely proud of Zed and myself! This is was huge thing to accomplish on our own and now I feel confident that we could change it again, and seeing as how Wendy is sure to have the button for quite some time, I'm sure this knowledge will come in handy. Especially when we have a toddler running around pulling at her feeding tube!

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