Friday, June 8, 2012

Wendy Lee is 8 months old today! I am so proud of everything she's accomplished. She is keeping up pretty closely with some milestones.

At 1 month old, Wendy could respond to sounds and stare at faces. At 2 months, she was able to lift her head while lying on her tummy and she could hold her head up for a short period of time.  At 3 months, she could visually track items. At 4 months, she could recognize my voice and she would follow it. At 5 months, she began smiling. At 6 months, she knew her own name. At 7 months, she started babbling and saying "ma ma ma ma" and she can also stand with help of holding her hands. Now she's 8 months old and she plays with her feet, coos all the time, can roll over, and is learning to sit on her own. For a preemie with a disability, that's not bad!

Wendy went to Egelston yesterday morning for a distal colostogram. They put a catheter in her stoma and pushed dye through there. They watched her under fluoroscopy and then took a few x rays. The surgeon just wanted to see how far her colon was from her would-be (soon-to-be) anus. Wendy did pretty well. She hated being held down, but she acted the like procedure didn't hurt. We didn't get much information at this appointment other than she has a high imperforate anus- meaning her colon is extremely high in her body instead of low, down near her booty. But as far as we know, she will still be able to be fixed.

Well I suppose I should get some sleep. I'm home alone. Daddy's taking care of Wendy at the lake house, so mommy could sleep.  I do miss my Wendy terribly though. Saying goodbye to her this time was just as hard as the first. Hopefully my Ambien will kick in soon and I can have a sleep full night without having to get up to put more milk in the pump, or give medicine, or cuddle a spoiled baby. So again, I should go....  Until next time guys.

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