Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Have I unintentionally subjected my daughter to lifetime of pain?

Many of you that know me personally, know that I have had medical problems for quite some time. I even quite school my junior year because of all the issues I was having. And after being tested from the time I was 13, I still, until today, had no answers.

I went to a new rheumatologist today because ever since I have had Wendy, it seems my symptoms have been worsening. I have been to rheumatologists at the Medical College of GA, Emory University, and Vanderbilt University, and this new doctor- Dr. Agha, figured out more in 10 minutes than they did in 10 visits.

Dr. Agha says I have Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS). HMS is a condition in which joints easily move beyond the normal range. After examining me, Dr. Agha said my hands, particularly my fingers, my legs (knees and ankles), and my back are all extremely hyper mobile. He said there are other joints, such as my neck and shoulders that are hyper mobile, but not as badly as these others. Luckily, I have a diagnosis now and we are working on a solution to the problem. That means taking more medication, only doing very light exercise, and reducing stress in my life. He also suspects I may have an autoimmune disorder, which he will follow up on in 4 weeks when I go for another appointment.

My main concern with HMS is Wendy. It’s hereditary. Zed and I have both noticed Wendy is abnormally flexible and now knowing I have HMS I’m worried she will have it too. I would hate the thought of my baby being in pain because of my passing down a syndrome. And also, the whole time we thought it was Wendy’s fault for not swallowing which caused my water to break, I now know it could have been my body. Two symptoms of HMS are premature labor and a very fast progressing labor- both of which I had. http://www.hypermobility.org/pregnancy.php 

Hopefully, I will start to feel better soon and get my joints stable and I will also be mentioning this to Wendy’s doctor, that way if she’s suspected to have it, we can take measures to prevent further injury.

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