Sunday, July 8, 2012

Raising my daughter in a true southern fashion.

Now, the south hasn’t always gotten everything right (e.g. slavery), but when it comes to raising proper women, they hit that nail right on the head.

I’m about as southern as they come and I don’t mean in the “I use improper grammar and wear camo everyday” (even though, I do hunt and fish on occasion). I believe in God and saying ma’am and sir to everyone. I never not send a thank you card (except when I was put in the hospital when my water broke, and I think that was as good of excuse as any). I enjoy sweet tea, homemade biscuits, and say y’all way too much. I will never send you invitation to a party on Facebook, I will send you a real invite in the mail. You will never catch me wearing pants to church and I always have makeup on before I leave the house. And you certainly can’t miss my southern drawl. You have no idea how many times I was asked where I was from while we were living at Fort Campbell. When I answered Georgia, they always replied, “I figured it was Georgia or Alabama”.  The only not-so-southern-lady-ish of me is my many tattoos.

There is something about a southern woman that just screams “lady” and I want to raise Wendy that way.  And if you are ever interested in knowing more about how southern women are supposed to act, read any book by Ronda Rich. I just adore her books. And honestly, I would love to write more about my southern lifestyle right now, but I do have a baby with a colostomy bag, and that bag is coming off, as I speak. So maybe I’ll touch more on this later, but for now, I’ve got a bag to change.

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