Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie

As I was dressing Wendy this morning, I realized I was putting her in a newborn size onesie. Most people that see her cannot believe she is 9 months old, especially since she weighs only 11lbs and is 24in long. But if you had seen her when she was born, you would see a tremendous growth!

My sweet bambina only weighed 3lbs 15oz, so she has gained 7lbs since birth! And has grown 7 inches! That’s fantastic!

I now understand why mothers start wanting another baby when their child starts getting close to a year old. (Don’t worry, I’m not having baby fever or anything! No more kids from this mama.) It’s just that these tiny creatures start turning into little people who don’t always want to snuggle anymore. They become more independent and self sufficient. Wendy still can’t crawl or walk, and she can’t yet sit on her own, but she thinks she’s grown. She wants to do things by herself and if you try to help her, she will push your hand away. My little girl is growing up.

As for an update on Wendy, she’s not vomiting anymore and I’ve put her back on formula after giving her Pedialyte last night. Her fever is also gone. I’m not sure if it was from teething or a small tummy bug, but whatever it was, she seems better today. She’s more active and not near as lethargic. I’m glad. Mommy hates seeing bambina sick.

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  1. She sounds so similar to my daughter madilyn. Madi will turn 1 in a few days and she is 11 lbs and 24 in. Madi was 4.1lb and 15 in at birth. She is not sitting crawling or walking yet but its getting better at reaching and grabbing toys.