Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sign Time.

Wendy is almost 18 months old now and still very nonverbal. She can make simple one syllable sounds, like “pa”, “da”, “ma”, etc. however, she can’t really communicate with us. We decided to work on baby signing. Surprisingly, the first thing she picked up was “eat” even though she doesn’t eat herself (at least not by mouth). We’ve been feeding her a bit by mouth, in practice for her swallow study because impractical for us to think she’ll just get to the study and know how to eat without working on it beforehand, and she has learned that raising her hand to her mouth means “eat”.  Today we tried carrots mixed with a little oatmeal (she tends to do better with a thicker consistency) but she gagged quite a bit, so we will try again later. Her swallow study was moved until April 8 since she’s been sick (and still is) with a cold, so her nose is stuffy and she’s having more difficulty swallowing.

I know I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I used to but for simple things, it’s easier to just post a quick status on Facebook. I will try to get back to writing more because I really want to keep this blog going.

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