Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Babies Can’t Wait Evaluation

I got in the results for Wendy’s BCW evaluation today. Of course, evaluations always look worse on paper than they are, but here are her results.

She was assessed using the Battelle Developmental Inventory with the following results:
Scores between -1.50 and 1.50 are considered average.
Adaptive: (-2.33) Significant Delay
Personal-Social: (-1.33) Low Average
Communication: (-2.60) Significant Delay
Motor: (-2.40) Significant Delay
Cognitive: (-2.40) Significant Delay
BDI-2 Total (standard measure of development across 5 domains): (-2.67) Significant Delay

For the Peabody Developmental Motor Scale
Reflexes: 5 months
Stationary: 3 months
Locomotion: 3 months
Grasping: 4 months
Visual Motor Integration: 6 months

Gross Motor Percentile: >1%
Fine Motor Percentile: 2%
Total Motor Percentile: >1%

Wendy was evaluated at 10.5 months old, adjusted age: 9 months old.

I’m hoping this will be what helps us with the Katie Beckett waiver so Wendy can finally be approved for Medicaid. She will also begin therapy in the home soon.

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