Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sick Wendy :( Sad Mommy

Every mother hates seeing their child sick, especially when they aren’t sure what is wrong. Vomiting with Wendy can mean a few things, something as simple as a virus or something as deadly as her intestines being twisted. She started vomiting (and I say vomiting, not spitting up, because it was full blown, exorcist style, out the nose and mouth vomiting) Monday night. I immediately unhooked her feeds and emptied her stomach with a syringe. 4-5 hours later, I started a Pedialyte feed, which she usually tolerates fairly well, even when she’s sick. That first night, I sat up and watched her and she did fine with the Pedialyte. Once lunch came around yesterday, I started back on formula to try it out. The first 2 feeds went fine, but by the 3rd she was vomiting again, even after switching back to Pedialyte last night she was still sick. I was convinced I was going to have to take her to the doctor, which I really didn’t want to do for the simple fact that we try to go as little as possible because even if other kids aren’t sick, they still have germs and it’s getting close to Wendy’s surgery and an infection is the last thing she needs. So after sitting up with her almost all night last night, she was fine after 9:00. So I started Pedialyte again at 12:00 and so far she’s been fine. Her last feed I switched back to formula and I guess we’ll know how she tolerates it in a few hours. I know her intestines aren’t twisted because she wouldn’t be able to tolerate anything. So I’m pretty sure it’s just a virus, but if it doesn’t pass in a day or so, we’ll have to go to the doctor to get some medicine because I don’t want her dropping weight (because it’s already a struggle to gain it) because she’s not getting enough nutrition. Overall, it’s not been anything I couldn’t handle. Although, some sleep would be nice. I’d say I’ve only gotten 4-6 hours total for the past two nights.

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