Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day Two Without Wendy...

... And I am losing my mind.

Zed took Wendy to the lake last night. He said it was to give me a break. So I took my break last night, slept from 9-6 and even got in a few naps today. I was supposed to join him and sweet girl today, but I wasn't feeling great and really wanted it stay hom. I tried to talk Zed into bringing Wendy home but he said no, they would see me tomorrow and I should rest while I can.

Do you know how hard it is for a mom to "just rest" when her baby birdie is away from the nest? Almost impossible, I find myself pacing her room like I'm looking for something, like I'm looking for her. I know Zed is her daddy, so why do I feel like a bad mother for letting her stay with him, away from me, for a night or two? I guess as a mom, I feel like no one can care for her as good as I do. I know I need a break, and if Zed doesn't take her to the lake or somewhere, I won't get the rest I need,even if he says he'll watch her all night, if I hear her I am going to get up. That's my instinct as her mother. I guess I should be thankful. For now, I'm just in bed on my iPad while Hunger Games is playing on my tv. Maybe if I went ahead and took my Ambien I would quit stressing and actually rest.

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