Friday, August 24, 2012

Mommy can see!

This past week has been so incredibly busy that I have barely had time to breath, much less to blog. So I’m going to take a few minutes and try to get some thoughts down. Tuesday, we had Wendy’s BCW evaluation. Wednesday, I had an evaluation to see if I was a candidate for LASIK. It just so happened I was and they had an opening the next day to have it done. So yesterday I had LASIK. And today I had an appointment to check on my eyes. Tomorrow, of course, is finally Wendy’s pageant!

I said I would blog about my LASIK experience because I had many people ask me about it. So here goes. Once we got to the laser correction center in Gainesville, they remeasured my eyes, just like they do at a normal eye exam. Then I was called back to a room where they “check you in”. I signed consent forms, paid for the surgery, took the Valium, and went over the “kit” you get after surgery (which contains eye drops, a pain pill, and goggles).

After that you are supposed to go sit in a room for a bit while the Valium kicks in. However, the guy getting LASIK in front of me didn’t have his payments situated, so they asked if I was ready to go back or if I still needed to wait. I figured, the sooner the better, so I went back then, without the Valium working yet.

Once taken back to the room you are put on a surgical cap, given numbing drops, and have your eyelids cleaned. They then lay you back on a table and the doctor inserts something that feels like a circular piece of plastic in your eye. You feel some pressure, then they put the laser over your eye and cut the flap. They repeat this on the other eye.

Everything is now gray. They stand you up and have you take two steps and then lay back on another table. Your eyelids are taped open and a laser is put over you. You are told to look at a green dot. There is a bunch of red flashing. Then they repeat this on the other eye.

Dr. Blue then helped me up and asked me to tell him what time it was by looking at the clock on the wall. I could clearly tell it was 2:10. I was taken to an examination room and had my eyes looked at under a microscope and after having goggles put on, I was free to leave.

As soon as the surgery was over, I could see much better than before. It has been steadily improving since then. After about 20 minutes, the numbing drops wear off and your eyes become gritty and burn some. You can start using the numbing drops then. I was very light sensitive, so I hurt pretty bad the whole way home. But once I got home the 2 hours were up and I could take off my goggles. I used the numbing drops and took a pain pill and it helped tremendously. You also have to use a ton of different drops (for numbing, 2 antibiotics, and for dryness). And you have to sleep in the goggles for 5 days. I’m currently having a bit of throbbing pain around my right eye, but they said that’s normal and gave me more drops to help with pain.

LASIK can be pricey, and a bit uncomfortable, but I would do it a thousand times over! Best decision ever!

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