Friday, August 31, 2012

NPO, at least for a while

I have not blogged about this because I was still unsure of my next course of action. But after attempting to feed her a few times, my choice is clear. Wendy will not be able to eat anything else until she has a swallow study done.

It started the beginning of this week when I was feeding Wendy. It was just plain baby food. She got choked within the first few bites. I thought, maybe she’s excited and getting ahead of herself, so I tried another tiny spoonful. Same thing. So we did no more feeds by mouth that day. A day or so later (she still hadn’t had any food by mouth) she gets choked on her .6 mL of Pepcid. That used to happen some when she was 6-7 months old, but it hasn’t happened recently. Wendy has also developed a bit of a cough (which her nose is runny too, so that’s probably just allergies, but I would rather be safe than sorry).

So now, I am calling my pediatrician today to see if we can get a swallow study set up because I cannot continue to feed her, not knowing if it’s going into her lungs or not. I can’t let her get an infection because I was pushing her to learn to eat. I have accepted the fact that this feeding tube may be a part of our life forever and I’m okay with that. I want Wendy to be healthy but I also want her to be happy. I think letting her lick a little bit of food off my fingers every once in a while will keep her mouth satisfied, especially if it’s something yummy like ice cream. (You have to watch her though, because she bites!)

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