Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Few Crowns and a Little Disappointment

Today was pageant day. I didn’t really know what to expect going in. It’s been many years since I’ve competed. (I was 17 my last pageant, and things done in pageants with older girls can be so much different than a pageant with smaller children.) I truly wasn’t expecting Wendy to win. It was her first pageant after all. But I definitely was not expecting last place in her division either. (I know you’re all probably gasping at the thought of her being last, just like I was, because let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, you're a WENDY FAN! and you want to see her succeed as much as I do!)

Initially, Wendy’s age group should have been 0-11 months. However, at the last minute a 15 month old got stuck in their group because she was alone. The only reason I mention this, is because that 15 month old could walk. My 10 month old can’t. The other 10 month old in the group couldn’t walk either. Nor could the tiny 5 lb preemie 6 week old. The 15 month old won. I’m definitely not saying she shouldn’t have, but it’s difficult to score a walking baby and a baby having to be carried on the same level.

Wendy’s lowest scores were in poise and personality. I completely understand her scoring low on personality. When she went out for beauty, she was overwhelmed. Wendy had never been in front of that many people before. I didn’t expect her to smile at everyone and wave. But I am very disturbed by her score in “poise”. I don’t feel that they should even have that category with such young children. It says they are scored on walk, confidence, and grace in that category, and I know for one, my 10 month old has none of the above. Outfit of choice went beautifully. Wendy grinned and everyone loved her mermaid costume (big pat on the back for mommy!). Wendy also won fan favorite. Big surprise there (note the sarcasm, Wendy is always a big hit with people).

Wendy is a winner in my book and several of the parents agreed with me. We had such a positive response from the audience and other contestant’s mothers that it was amazing. Especially people who have followed Wendy’s story were delighted to finally meet her. Wendy also had a blast with the other younger girls. She laid on a blanket on the floor and the other little girls sat around her and would touch her face and hand her toys. It was wonderful seeing the interaction.

As of now, I’m not sure pageants are our thing. My concern is that the judges have no idea of Wendy’s special needs; I didn’t want them to. But that’s also a disadvantage because the other children her age could be put down and bounce a bit and Wendy is physically not able. Our 6 month goal is to have her sitting. So still at 15 months old, I will have to carry her out. I don’t know that I want to continue going through disappointments because of her special circumstances. It’s a lot to think about and a lot for me to consider. Overall, I just want what’s best for my child.


  1. She is definitely a winner in my book.I too think its unfair when older kids are put in a group with younger kids. This happened to us last weekend at a pageant. My 11month old was in the same age divison with babies as young as 7 months and as old as 2 years. Needless to say the 2 year old won. Which of course she did. My 11mth old can't do any where near what the 2 year old could and of course she had a ton of hair. But Wendy and all the other girls dis great today. We definitely enjoyed meeting her and yall too of course. Sophie(my 3 year old) was just smittened with Wendy. She told her baby sister all about Wendy when we hot home. It was adorable. :)

    1. The absolute best part of today was seeing Wendy with the other kids! I love her being able to interact with these other children because she's an only child. It was a pleasure meeting you and your little one also!