Thursday, August 9, 2012

My (little) Big Girl!

Litte Miss Wendy turned 10 months old yesterday. It’s amazing just how fast the time has gone by. She’s growing (slowly) and learning new things (quickly!) every single day. Being a mother and watching your child grow is one miracle that God lets you experience. Being Wendy’s mommy, it’s heaven on earth.

Today we went to Wendy’s pediatrician, Dr. Melissa Martin. (Can I just mention that this is the most amazing pediatrician, ever. No seriously, she is!) It was time for Wendy to get more shots and she needed a weight check. Wendy has to go at least every 6 weeks for a weight check. At her last weight check, on 6/19, Wendy weighed 11lbs even. Today, 6 weeks later, she was 11lbs 9oz. 9 oz in 6 weeks isn’t great, but she’s not losing, so that’s a positive. Average babies gain anywhere from 1-2lbs a month. Wendy gained half a pound in 6 weeks, so that kind of gives you a comparison. Her height was last checked in May (she was 24in.) Today, 2 months later, she was 25in. Honestly, I don’t know how quickly normal babies increase in heights, but they said Wendy’s height to weight ratio was on track, so I’m assuming that she’s slow in that department too. Most of the time, when your baby goes to the pediatrician they tell you what percentile of weight and height your child is in. Wendy is so far below the charts, that we don’t get a percentile. She is literally below 1%.

But the weight/height is the only bad news we have! And honestly, that wasn’t terrible news. That’s just normal for Wendy. As far as where she is developmentally, other than eating, she’s doing great. She’s rolling over and smiling a ton. She’s grasping objects and learning to sit on her own. We couldn’t be more proud. She reminds me of the book “The Little Engine That Could”. I read that to Wendy just the other night. Every time Wendy accomplishes something new, I just want to sing “I thought she could, I thought she could, I thought she could.”

I know I haven’t been updating as much as I used to. But Wendy is doing so well, I don’t have as much to write about. I am wanting to do a blog post about how people react to Wendy and how it effects me, but that’s for another time. This blog, is a tribute to Wendy, to all of her hard work (and mommy’s) and all of her accomplishments.

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