Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost Two Weeks

Tomorrow will be two weeks that I've been at Centennial. Seems like so much longer. The days are beginning to run together. And I really miss getting a full nights sleep.

Wendy is fine- she's been looking great on the monitor. The only thing wrong with me is my blood sugar has been a little high the past 2 days. Tomorrow I will probably start my oral insulin. Its weird that the day I ate normal food my blood sugar was fine, and now that I'm on this diabetic diet its been 140-160. But its only high at lunch. Breakfast and dinner are fine.

Its kind of frustrating... all these medications and all. Especially the IV antibiotics. My IV has started bothering me again, which means my vein is probably about to blow. I guess I will be getting a picc line when this one blows. I was hoping I was going to get to come off the antibiotics soon, but the doctor hasn't mentioned it. I'm going to write it on my board to ask him about that tomorrow when I ask him about my birthing plan. I want to go ahead and get it ready in case I go into labor sooner than expected.

31 weeks yesterday!

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