Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still Too Much Fluid

I just had an ultrasound done to check my fluid level and my cervix. My cervix looks fantastic- still long and closed. My fluid level has actually gone up from last week. Last week it was 27CM. Today it was 32CM. I don't understand how my body is producing so much extra fluid. I am honestly pouring, not leaking fluid, now. Its not very common to have PPROM and polyhydramnios. Of course, I have to have a weird pregnancy- I mean my baby has a chromosome translocation that the doctors can't find a record of. I'm just getting really restless and homesick. I miss my Peanut. I miss my bed. And I definitely miss my bath tub. :/ Hopefully these next few weeks will go by fast and we can get Wendy here as healthy as possible, and then I can go home!

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