Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thankful for Progress

I thought I was having a rough morning... make that week. I barely slept Sunday night. Yesterday morning I was woken for bloodwork at 0400. Great way to start a day. And then I just couldn't get back to sleep and everytime I dozed off I was woken for more medicine. This morning I was put on the monitor and was actually falling asleep with it on, until my nurse came in and told me to turn all the way on my side instead of just being tilted because I was contracting pretty badly and close together. I had already taken my Procardia thirty minutes prior so I should have been fine.. even turning on my side didn't seem to help. So she made me get up and empty my bladder even though I could only go a little bit. I'm not sure if that little bit of pee was causing me to contract or if they just randomly evened out after that, but it worked. While I was laying there (not moving, because Wendy was already bouncing off my uterus walls and I didn't want to bounce her right off the monitor) I realized that my stay here could.e going much, much worse. What made me think that? I hard some poor girls IV going off. That was me a week and a half ago. Having an IV not only restricts how/when you bathe, but it also always seems to run out of fluids at the worst times- like as soon as you fall back asleep after being woke up. And after being thankful for not having an IV thought about how nice it is not to be on the monitor 24/7. The first two days I was here I had to have it on constantly unless I was showering. Even when I went to pee I had to unplug them from the machine and drape the cords over my shoulder... then come back plugs them in etc. It made going to the bathroom alone nearly impossible. And I was having to pee every hour then because I was being pumped full of fluids. So my point being- I've professed and I'm honestly grateful. And now my breakfast is here, so I'm going to go!

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