Thursday, September 29, 2011

Waiting on the Doctor

Before I begin, I'm going to go ahead an apologize for any misspellings or weird autocorrects from my phone. I'm not feeling my best, but wanted to update because alot has happened.

Yesterday I had my weekly ultrasound and cervix check. Everything looked fine. I had even more fluid than the week before, so my AFI was high but that seemed the only problem. Soon after having my cervix checked I began gushing fluid. I poured fluid for over 2-3 hours. The doctor didn't seem to worried when I told her. An hour or so later, I started cramping really bad. It was so bad they had to give me a shot of Nubain for pain. Once my night shift nurse came on I told her I wasn't feeling Wendy move. So I was put on the monitor and it showed I was having contractions. Luckily Wendy seemed fine. They started an IV and put me on a magnesium drip. And true to what the nurses warned it has made me feel like I have the flu. My pulse has been racing because of the magnesium and procardia (my pulse is already naturally high because of my mitral valve prolapse). They did an ekg this morning, which I'm sure came back abnormal- everyone I've ever had has came back abnormal. They also did another ultrasound today. My fluid level went from 32cm yesterday to 13cm today. So now I'm just waiting to see what the doctor says. And if she doesn't thnk I'm going to delver soon then I'll be talking to someone.e about getting s pick line because 2 veins blew yesterday and this IV is starting to hurt. Hopefully things will start getting a little easier soon.

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