Friday, September 30, 2011

Yesterday Was Bad.. But Today Is Worse

I know I said yesterday was bad... but today has been worse. I woke up at 0500 this morning in so much pain, not in my stomach, in my chest. I was having a hard time breathing and could not get any relief in any position. I called my nurse. She listened to my heart and lungs and then hooked me up to the pulse oximeter. Everything looked and sounded fine- other than my pulse racing a bit, which was normal because I had just taken my Procardia. After a bit I had to call my nurse in again because I was hurting that badly. There was a sharp pain right through the center of my chest all the way through my back. She called the doctor and the doctor ordered an EKG- it actually looked normal other than a high pulse (they actually had to do a repeat EKG later because it didn't record on their tape, the second one looked fine too). They also ordered an ultrasound to check some of my organs. That came back normal too. To get to the ultrasound though they had to put me on a stretcher and push me to the other hospital- we had to cross a walkway, like the one at Athens Regional- and it was about a 5-10 minute ride! At first this morning they gave me Protonix (it's their version of Zantac) and Maalox to make sure it wasn't a gas bubble or heartburn. When that didn't help they gave me a shot of Nubain. They said they'd give me a shot every 2 hours if I needed it. The Nubain didn't knock out the pain completely. And in less than two hours I was hurting again. So when I got back from my ultrasound (they gave the first shot an hour before the ultrasound) I told my nurse I was hurting again. She talked to doctor and they decided to give me Percocet orally because it has an anti-inflammatory in it and they said it could possibly be Costochondritis because I've had it before. Also the oral medicine would last longer. Well by the time the nurse got in here to give it to me I was vomiting. So I had to have a shot of Zofran. I finally took my 10mg of Percocet and then I got my lunch. I'm on an all liquid diet because they said it could be my gall bladder. They really don't know. So for the time being I'm just waiting to see what happens and see if anything shows up in the bloodwork (did I mention they tookbmy blood?) If they don't figure it out and I'm still hurting tomorrow, they're going to do a CT scan. For the time being, I'm taking 5-10mg of Percocet and trying to rest. Of course they've put me on the monitor and Wendy is just fine. Oh, and they are skipping a few doses of my Procardia since it makes my pulse race so I'm now having contractions and leaking a bunch of fluid. I really try not to complain, but today has sucked and its only halfway over. I'm going to try to sleep and maybe I'll feel better later.

Ps- please excuse any misspelled words that were autocorrected on my cell phone. :)

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