Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ready For My Next Doctor

After being taken off the Procardia, my chest quick hurting and my pulse dropped back to normal (100-110). Well normal for me. Also my blood pressure is back to being a little higher- which is good because it was 90/40. They did a BPP on the baby today and she looks good. I still have 8.95cm of fluid- from 13cm on the 29th. I'm still steadily leaking but as long as Wendy doesn't start showing signs of stress they wont take her. However, if her fluid level gets way too low, her growth will be restricted and there wont be any need to delay delivery. I'm hoping the other doctors will deliver if my AFI gets super low. Another reason I don't like the one doctor I'm seeing now (she's one out of four at MFG) is because she was going to put me on a shot of insulin at night that I don't need. She came in saying my blood sugar was over 120 this morning and it wasn't. It was 94. My nurse tried to explain to her that she was looking at the wrong line and she didn't listen. Finally when she told me I was going on a shot of insulin I told her my blood glucose had been steady for the past 2 weeks and I wanted to know why they were giving me more medicine. She said she'd look at my charts again and sure enough, my nurse and I were right. I don't need the extra insulin- my Glyburide is working just fine. And the doctor put me back on four sticks a day- but maybe since she made a mistake and misread my results I can stay at two. The doctor said for now I was fine staying off the Procardia and we would try to manage with that I magnesium as long as I didn't start having contractions... if I start having more contractions I'm not sure what they'll do. But I refuse to go back on the Procardia. Can a patient refuse to take a medication? I'll have to ask my nurse haha. Anyway, only two more days with this specific doctor then they rotate again. Thank God!

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