Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Maybe?

I have been having contractions every 5 minutes for the past 42 hours. Yes forty-two! And guess what? That's with taking Terbutaline shots and being on a magnesium drip. I have finally started refusing the Terbutaline shots because the side effects are so awful and they only slow my contractions to every 20 minutes apart and that only lasts for about an hour or two and then they pick back up. So far I'm not sure if/how much I'm dilating. My nurse wants to check me but has to get permission from the doctor first. I know my cervix went from being 24mm and closed to 1cm dilated with 12hours of contractions, so I'm sure I've dilated more in the past 30 hours. Personally I think Wendy is ready to be here- my little impatient baby. I can see her trying to claw her way out- which is probably why I'm bleeding lol. All I know is, this pain is horrible and I went 24 hours with no pain medication and yesterday I only took it once. Today I've already taken some, but hopefully I can go 8-10 hours without needing anymore. I don't want poor Wendy going through withdrawals because she's going to have enough problems as it is. I guarantee you that if my sweet baby is born addicted to pain pills I'm going to have some not very nice things to say to this ignorant doctor for making me be in labor for so long. I understand at 34 weeks they don't want to encourage it, but its not like I'm asking for Pitocon. I'm asking for them to let my body do what it wants to do naturally. I read somewhere that your body is smarter than doctors and knows when to go into labor so you shouldn't plan to induce or anything- well I think my body and y are trying to tell the doctor something. Crossing my fingers for good news. :)

Oh and I've changed my mind about breast feeding. I was not going to do it, at all. But since Wendy is coming so early I'm going to try to breast feed as long as I'm producing colostrum then we'll switch her to formula. Breast feeding reduces the risk of her getting an infection in the NICU by 86%. So if I weren't going to have a preemie, I would stick by my decision to formula feed, but having a special baby means making special sacrifices.

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