Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Night Alone

Tonight is my very first night alone in the hospital. I sent Zed home to try to get some rest in a comfortable bed. I realized he needed to go home yesterday when he layed in my bed and said "omg, your bed is so comfortable". I knew if he thought a hospital bed was comfy, he deserved a night in our bed at home. I just got put on the monitor and was given some pain meds. I called my nurse and told her my back was hurting pretty badly thinking I'd get Tylenol but they brought me Percocet instead. At this point, I would have taken anything. I'm pretty positive Wendy is on my spine since I lost so much fluid. And the pain only gets worse when I have a contraction. Luckily I'm not contracting often. They did an ultrasound today and Wendy weighs 3lbs 12oz. She wasn't "practicing breathing" thought so they're going to do a BPP again tomorrow. The doctor said its nothing to be concerned about because she looks great on the monitor. Also, the doctor said we could talk to the other doctor on Monday about what day we will deliver since I'm getting close to 35 weeks. I'm ready to deliver anytime after Friday- I only need to wait until Friday because that's when the kit to bank her cord blood and tissue will be here. Zed decided he wanted to bank it because a lot of cases of chromosome translocation the kids end up with Leukemia. So he called ViaCord yesterday and we are getting it done. Anyway, I'm watching True Blood on HBO Go (there is nothing on tv and the hospital has very few good channels, mostly sports and news) so I'm going to relax and try to get some rest. I'll post more when something changes

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