Thursday, October 20, 2011

So In Love

Zed and I just got back to the hotel (we are still trying to get in the Ronald McDonald or Hospitality House). When we got to the hospital earlier Zed got Wendy and held her for a while. She was so content laying in her daddy's arms. After a while I told him I wanted to hold her. He passed her off and went for a walk, leaving Wendy and me to have some mommy/daughter time. I read her two of the Little Golden Books, Baby Dear and Color Kittens (the ones that have been around forever). Once Zed got back we tucked Wendy back into her soft squishy bed and left. I could have stayed and stared at her for hours. I love all her wild curly hair, her crazy long eyelashes and the way she pouts her lips. I adore her big dark eyes and her long fingers and toes. I especially love the fact that she is a part of me and always will be my little girl. It's safe to say I'm so in love!

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