Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wendy's Progress

After being tested and evaluated they found a few problems with my sweet baby girl. There is a vein and a flap in her heart that should be closed but aren't. While they are in utero these two places have to be open and since she is a preemie and her gestational age is only 34 weeks we are hopeful they will close on their own. One of her kidneys is swollen. And they found a cyst in one part of her brain and her choroid plexus is swollen- which could be from where she had cysts that healed there before. They thought the main vein in her tummy that goes to heart was interrupted, but after a second look that found that it just flows a different way than normal, however it is still pumping blood to the correct places. Her eyes, her spine, and her limbs all look fine. She had her first surgery this morning to begin the process of fixing her intestines. It will be a 3 step surgery. Zed and I were called at 0630 and told they were taking her back. We went and saw her then Zed went back to the hotel while my mom and I waited for the surgery to be over. She did wonderfully and after an hour she was back in her room in the nicu and we were able to see her. She was still on a ventilator and paralyzed but they said they weren't rushing her off the anesthesia because she was so small. We decided to leave Wendy alone to rest and wake up and we will see her again in the morning. Hopefully she will be awake and breathing on her own sometime tomorrow. While we weren't doing anything today Momma, Grammy, Aunt Sherry and myself went to clean mine and Zed's house. That way when I go home its not messy and it'll smell nice. Zed spent the day with his daddy. I also bought Wendy a little pumpkin that lights up to go in her nicu room. That little girl is so loved its amazing. And its true what my Momma always told me, you never know love until you have a baby of your own. :)

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  1. She will overcome all this just give her time god bless
    And still praying for all of u I send my love and prayers.