Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ultrasound Tomorrow

This morning I woke up and had lost a lot of fluid. It was 4am and I called my nurse. She said it was normal, that once your membranes had ruptured that you could get a gush of fluid when the baby changed position. However, it scared me to death because I haven't lost anywhere near that amount of fluid the whole time I've been here. They scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow to check to see how much fluid I have left.

Also, I'm starting oral insulin today. My blood sugar has been high at lunch for the past 2 days. This whole diabetes thing is irritating. I've never had a problem with my glucose before, so I hate dealing with this on top of worrying about Wendy and being stuck in the hospital. On the bright side, I am off IV antibiotics so my IV was taken out today! Woohoo! I can finally shower without having to have my arm/hand wrapped up.

I'll try to post the results of the ultrasound tomorrow. :)

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