Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I didn't get to spend it with family, but I got the next best thing. For the past 3 years I have spent Thanksgiving with a couple of friends. Zed and I are so grateful to have such good friends. We all went to visit Wendy last night, but didn't stay there long because she's still on the ventilator (more on that later) and then we all ate at Margaritaville (it was one of the very few places open in Nashville last night). Our friends have a baby that's just a few months old and it's always nice to see him. I would never begrudge anyone having a healthy baby, but last night I was a little sad. When we walked into the restaurant the hostess was asking about my friend's baby (how old, etc.) and then when she sat us down she told my friend congratulations. At that moment I realized the hostess had no way of knowing I even have a baby. At least when I was pregnant I had the evidence under my shirt. It just made me wonder if I will ever have the pleasure of people asking about my newborn when we go places. I'm not sure Wendy will be able to go out a lot because of the equipment she will need. Soon after we sat down, the sadness and feeling bad for myself went away because we were laughing and having such a good time. All in all, I had a pretty great Thanksgiving. Friends, food, and seeing my sweet baby makes for a great day.

As for an update on Wendy, she's still recovering from surgery. Since they had to do the Ladd procedure, it is prolonging her recovery time. It's a more extensive surgery than simply putting in a g tube. As of last night she is still on the ventilator. They were going to check her levels again this morning and see about taking her off but we haven't heard anything from the hospital, so we will see when we get there. The reason she's having to have a breathing tube is because she is still on a Morphine drip for pain. I hate that she's hurting and I want her to have all the medication she needs to control her pain, but I also hate that she's still on Morphine. It's really a double edged sword. If they take her off the pain medication, she hurts. If they leave her on it, she could get addicted and go into withdrawals when they take her off. They said if she is on Morphine for more than 7 days then they will put her on Methadone when they take her off the Morphine to try to help her not go into withdrawals. I really hope it doesn't come to that. No one wants to see their 6 week, (almost 7 week) old on Methadone. I specifically would not accept pain medicine during my 40 hours of horrible contractions because they said the baby could get addicted and I wanted to do everything I could to not put her through that and to see that she go through that anyways makes me feel like efforts were a waste. Maybe it won't come to that though. Yesterday they cut her dose in half. And it won't be 7 days until Sunday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. On a positive note, her bowels/intestines are beginning to wake up from the surgery. So hopefully she will be able to be fed again soon and the replogle taken out.

My mom and dad are on their way up to visit her now. Grammy and Grandpa Lamar are coming too. I can't wait. My daddy hasn't seen her since she was a day old and Lamar has never seen her! Grammy hasn't seen her since she was a few days old. Wendy has changed so much in a short amount of time! They're not going to believe how big she is now. Her chart says 5lbs 10oz, but really she's more like 5lbs. They said the reason she weighed so much is because she is still swollen from surgery, she's pumped full of fluids, and the ventilator tubes and picc line weigh so many ounces. But still 5lbs from 4lbs is a big difference in a baby that small! At least it is in my opinion! I'm really praying for Wendy to come off the ventilator today so they could all hold her tomorrow! Wendy is so sweet, you can't help but want to cuddle her.

I will try to post more soon, when Wendy has made some progress. Have a safe Black Friday.

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