Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day of Rest, Because Lord Knows I Need It

I decided to take a day to myself to rest. Zed is going to stay with Wendy and talk to the doctors. I will be driving myself back down tomorrow. I am trying to actually rest while I am here. Of course, it's a bit difficult when I really want to scrub my house from top to bottom. I'm so glad momma, Grammy, and Sherry helped me clean the week after I had Wendy. Otherwise my house would be a real mess. As it is now, I still need to vacuum and dust, but that can wait until right before Wendy comes home- I want the house to be sparkling clean when my angel arrives home for the first time!

I have decorated a little for Christmas. Last year Grammy gave me several Charlie Brown Christmas decorations (a tree, some Snoopy Christmas dolls, snow globes, etc). So I put those up. And last night when I went to Walgreens to get my Zyrtec I saw some Christmas stockings. I realized Wendy did not have a stocking and they had Snoopy ones! There were only 2 different Snoopy ones, so Zed and I have matching ones and Wendy has her own unique one. I felt really bad about not getting Peanut and Pandora one, so I will have to find them ones later, probably just plain red ones. And since we are likely to be staying here for Christmas I am going to get a fake tree soon. One with colored lights! The colored lights will match the Peanuts decorations and I'm sure Wendy will love looking at the different colors!

I really hope Wendy gets well soon! I long for her to spend Christmas in our home.


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  2. Just wanted to say hello from right here in Oak Grove! Your story brought tears to my eyes, and made me feel so blessed to have children of my own. I hope Wendy continues to remain strong and can be home with you as soon as possible! Thinking of you and yours, especially this holiday season!

  3. I just read your whole story and I'm praying that your little girl is just fine. Stay strong momma!! Prayers from Ft. Riley Kansas!!