Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Preemie Baby

My sweet little angel turned 5 weeks old yesterday. It's amazing how fast the time has gone by. It's also amazing how much she has grown. She weighs 4lbs 12oz now! What a chunky monkey! For a normal baby, gaining 13oz in 5 weeks isn't astounding, but for Wendy it definitely is. Especially since they said they didn't know how much or fast she would grow, not only because of her being a preemie, but also because of her chromosome anomaly. I'm just amazed by her development (even though the doctors haven't mentioned her development being great, as a mom, from what I've read, am proud). No, she still can't take a bottle. BUT she is starting to try to hold her head up, which is the same thing a normal month old baby should be doing! That's amazing because you should measure a preemie's development by their adjusted age, not chronological age, and Wendy's adjusted age is below zero because she still isn't supposed to be born for another week. The doctor's haven't said anything different, we're still just waiting for surgery. Hopefully they will set a date tomorrow.

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