Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis the Season... To Be Sick :(

Wendy seems to be doing fine after her surgery on Monday. She is still on a ventilator because she is on a morphine drip. They had planned to take her off yesterday, but she was showing signs of discomfort so they didn't want to take away her pain medicine. I, unfortunately, have not seen her since before surgery. I am sick with yucky allergies/cold/sinus- whatever it is! I went to the pharmacy this morning and talked to the pharmacist and she helped me pick out medicine that is safe for breastfeeding. I really hope it works fast! I just want to get better so I can see my baby. Since she's not really awake it hasn't been so bad, not being able to see her, but if she wakes up soon I'm going to have to wear a face mask to visit my sweet girl!

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