Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Long Now.. At Least I Hope

I've been waiting on an update from Wendy's medical team before I updated her blog. Well today we finally had a consult with her doctors. Next week she should be having a g tube put in. As long as everything goes okay she will be able to come home 4 or so days later. Tomorrow she willhave an echo done to check her heart again. She has a murmur and they want to see if the vein ever closed up. Also, an ENT will be looking at her airway to make sure she can breathe okay- because when she tries to suck on anything it sounds like she's gasping for breath. Finally, we got the MRI results. Her brain is not normal. It's too small and not as wrinkled as a normal brain. We don't exactly know what that will mean, but it certainly shows why she doesn't understand the suck swallow reflex right now, however the doctor said she can learn to suck and swallow. Her MRI results doesn't necessarily mean she will have severe mental delays, but of course it is possible. If her brain isn't growing by 6 months of age, then the doctor said we should worry. As of now, it's still simply wait and see. Right this moment, I'm just hoping her surgery goes well and she can make it home soon.

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