Monday, May 21, 2012

One Tired Little Momma!

My sweet little princess, Wendy Lee, did not sleep well last night. Therefore, mommy didn't sleep well. I'm pushing through though. Usually, I love snuggling with her, but last night, she was a demon-child, kicking, scratching, and biting (with her two brand new bottom teeth). I know all this bad behavior was stemming from her being tired, not feeling well, and not having any other way to express herself. So I did my best to hold on to her and sooth her. After a while, she ended up asleep, and I ended up sweating.

I realized recently that I haven't had as much time to post on my blog and interact with my March of Dimes website, Scentsy stuff, and CDO. It's been hectic since we've moved. This house is much bigger than my last and has a ton of wood furniture that has to be dusted several times a week. I'm not complaining though, because this place is absolutely beautiful, it just takes me a little longer to clean! Also, I am finishing up my Vet Assistant certification, because Zed said I need to. He said I shouldn't start something and not finish it. So not only am I working on my bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, I am also finishing the VA certificate. I'm only 10 tests away from my certificate though, so hopefully that won't take too much longer.

On top of all of that, I have decided to get my body back and I'm doing it the old fashioned way, hard work, plain and simple. I am doing Insanity. The day I had Wendy I weighed 155. I will admit I was 149 before I got pregnant. After I had Wendy, I lost down to 130. Again, I will admit my weight, which women rarely ever tell the truth about, is back up to 150. I am not okay with that. I am only 5 feet tall and carry weight terribly. I should be between 120-130 to look decent. 115 would be even better. I understand that I have had a baby and my hips may never look the same, but I am doing what I can to make them look as good as possible! I'm starting week 2 of Insanity and have lost 2 pounds already. Hopefully, I can stick with it and see some results.

Finally, I am working on getting a design and price up for the new Walking For Wendy shirts. Soon, I will be needing to know who wants one and what size. I am trying to get onesies for babies as well. I will let you all know ASAP!

One more thing, only 40 views to 16,000! That's amazing. Wendy has the best followers and supporters out there! Thank you all for keeping up with her, and I as well!

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