Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear TriCare...

Dear TriCare,
     My husband served 3 years active duty.  We left our home, family, and friends, to move to the army post we were assigned.  We have missed spending holidays and anniversaries together because of work and training exercises. We had a year of our life and marriage taken away because of the 12 month tour of duty my husband served in Afghanistan. Now, my husband has signed another contract with the military by joining the National Guard so we could keep insurance on our special needs daughter. You owe us!

A Pissed Off MOTHER.

When Zed's time in the army was coming to a close, we made a decision, as a family, for him to join the guard. We thought we were doing the best thing for our family, so Wendy could keep insurance. We agreed to give up one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year for Zed to go train so our daughter would have good insurance, even though it was going to cost us the whole $300 a month he's getting paid and even though we were going to have to pay for gas out of pocket for him to travel to Lawerenceville. On May 26, Zed was officially done with active duty. We were told we would get 180 days of transitional insurance, which meant we could keep TriCare Prime and finish out Wendy's two surgeries and not have to pay anything out of pocket. When we called to enroll, we were told we weren't eligible. We decided not to fight it as long as it would switch from TriCare Prime to TriCare Reserve on the 26th. Well, it didn't. We are now without insurance because someone didn't do their job and someone didn't put Zed in the system, so it's registering as him not even being in the guard. Zed even faxed in a copy of his orders almost 3 weeks ago, and his information is still not in DEERS. Do you know how much Wendy's colostomy supplies are for one month? $800. And that's only her colostomy supplies. She also has to have feeding pump bags, g tube extensions, extra buttons, tape, gauze, syringes, a suction pump, medicine, doctor appointments, etc. Zed doesn't make enough money in a month for us to pay for everything. Wendy also has another surgery coming up in a month. Her last hospital stay was half a million dollars, which insurance paid for, and I honestly felt like we deserved to have it all paid for. Zed signed his life over to the army so having our daughters medical bills paid is the least they can do. It really pisses me off because Zed worked hard to provide for me, him, and Wendy. We are not on welfare. We are not on food stamps.  We're not asking for a hand-out. My husband is actually working for a living. Wendy couldn't even get SSI or medicaid because Zed made $28,000. And the only reason we applied for SSI was because the hospital said we should because Wendy has a disability that will last a lifetime and she will need medical supplies and constant care, which means I can't work, even if I wanted/needed to. As of now, Zed is still making calls to TriCare, trying to get this huge mess, that wasn't our fault, straightened out.  Zed doesn't report to his new unit until June 26, so I'm hoping something can be done before then.  I've had two major realizations today though. One, a lot of people don't care about doing their jobs properly, even if affects people other than themselves. And two, the government will screw you any way they can.

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