Thursday, May 3, 2012


After being away from my husband and Wendy away from her daddy, we have been reunited. Zed and I have not been apart do this long since Wendy was born. It's been strange being apart (even though only for five days) and quite difficult. I am so used I having his help with our baby that it wore me out taking care of her alone. I had my mom, of course, but she doesn't know how to use all of Wendy's equipment or change her colostomy bags yet. So here is my little family, minus Ares and Peanut (who are still with my parents until we unpack), all sleeping in the master bedroom of our house. Wendy in her travel crib. Pandora on a blanket beside her. And Zed and I on the new king size bed we just got put together. Our tv is sitting on a box and we are watching a DVD on the Xbox because we don't have tv yet. You know, my life may not be exactly simple, but it's pretty damn amazing.

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