Monday, December 26, 2011


Well, of course, since it was Christmas, there had to be some excitement at the McLanahan house.. unfortunately, that excitement consisted of calling 911. Everything was going like it normally does. It was almost 6 o'clock and Wendy's bag was coming off so we were changing her bag and g tube dressing. Once we finished that and got her dressed for bed we put her in her swing so we could eat. She was crying. We ate really quick and got her out and realized she wasn't breathing right. We tried to calm her down because we thought she was just upset but even after she relaxed she was still gasping for breath. We called 911. Around her lips were turning blue and her eyes were beginning to look dazed and they were lazy. We were scared because Wendy has never had a problem breathing before. Zed and I both know infant CPR but she was still breathing so we didn't want to risk doing CPR and breaking any bones. We just kept talking to her and trying to keep her awake until first responders got here. By the time they arrived she was back to breathing pretty normal. They gave her a bit of oxygen and we waited on the paramedics to get here. When the first responders first got here her heart rate was low but within a few minutes it had picked back up to normal. The paramedics arrived and said she looked okay but asked if we wanted to take her to the hospital or if we just wanted to put her back on her apnea monitor and watch her. We decided to just watch her because the paramedics told us with her extensive medical history she would need to go to Vanderbilt but they could take her to Gateway then transport her. They also told us that while in the ambulance if she stopped breathing all they could do was the CPR like Zed and I was trained to do and give her oxygen. Zed and I decided we were capable of keeping an eye on her and taking her to the hospital ourselves if necessary. Not long after everyone left her breathing seemed distressed again. We tried sucking her nose out because it's so tiny that any little thing in there can obstruct her breathing. I got nothing out. I decided to put a few saline drops in and suck again and that time I got a huge clump of dried mucus. As soon as I got it out, you could tell her breathing was noticeably better. She was fine after that. Only a week after bringing her home we have a terrifying experience, but at least now we know that if she is gasping for breath to check her teeny tiny nose for buggers!

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