Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still Not Being Fed :(

Well, as you can probably guess, they tried again last night and was unsuccessful at getting a NJ tube in Wendy. The doctors are now deciding how badly they want her to have one. If they decide it's worth being exposed to radiation they will put it in using fluoroscopy. So for now, she is still on the tpn and lipids. Either way, whether they get a NJ tube in or not, I really hope these next two weeks goes by fast. I hate seeing her with a tube in her nose and I hate the thought of her being hungry. Either way it sucks for me! Also, they won't be able to take her picc line out until she gets on full feeds. Many prayers would be appreciated, for me and Wendy. Wendy needs them to heal and I need them to keep me sane, because my heart is aching seeing her like this. I keep telling myself, it'll be over soon. I kind of feel like that's a lie though. I've been saying that since I got put in the hospital on Sept 6. And I know that even when Wendy comes home her life (and mine, essentially) will be loaded with doctor appointments. But at least once she comes home she will feel like my baby. I almost feel like I'm just borrowing her now because I have to leave her every night. In 17 days on dec 18 I will be 22 years old. If Wendy could come home around then, it would be the best present I could ever hope for.

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