Thursday, December 15, 2011

Passed With Flying Colors.

Wendy's EEG came back normal! Yay for no seizures! She also passed her carseat test. Could this mean our time here is actually coming to an end? I think so! She is supposed to be discharged Sunday or Monday. Im not getting my hopes up though because she seems to be spitting up way more than usual. I stayed last night with Wendy and it went pretty well. She sleeps pretty good through the night except when her bag comes off. And of course you have to add more milk to her pump every 4 hours. She has grown quite a bit- she's 6lbs 1oz now. Which she is 2lbs 2oz more than her birth weight. I am pleased with her progress.

Pennyrile Home Medical delivered her monitors and feeding pump today. The taught me how to use everything I will need for when my little princess is home. They will also be the ones delivering her ostomy supplies and her special formula. I will have to get her medicine from the pharmacy and I pray that the pharmacy on post carries her medicine. The nurse said for some reason some pharmacies dot carry her medicine in liquid form. We will cross that bridge when we have to, if we have to.

Right now, Wendy is sleeping pretty soundly in the glider. I had to change her and her bedding because she wet through her diaper. So since she fell asleep in her glider I just decided to leave her for now. Her daddy will be here shortly and I'm sure he wants some snuggle time anyway.

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