Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Step Forward, Hopefully Zero Steps Back

Today was a pretty good day. Some of Zed's family (Rod, Kelly, Codie, and Kelson) came for a visit. It's always nice seeing family! We got to go see Wendy, then we went downtown and ate at the Hard Rock; then we went back to the hospital to see the baby. After going to the Ronald McDonald House to rest a while, Zed and I headed over to their hotel and we hung out in the bar/restaurant and watched the Georgia game. Once the game was over we all had dinner.

It was a pretty good day for Wendy as well. Not only did she get to spoiled by visiting family, she also got a little bit of Pedialite through her G tube. Only 6mL at a time (which isnt much considering she was getting 40mL of milk/formula at every feeding) but it's a start. Hopefully it will continue to heal and not leak so my baby can come home! All I can do is hope and pray. I can't speed up the process of getting her home; I can only try to stay positive.

As for me, I made a pretty big decision today. I made it 8 weeks and I have decided to stop pumping. My body isn't responding as well to the pump and I was having to pump every 2-3 hours to keepy my supply up. And that was ridiculously hard considering we are constantly back and forth from our house in Fort Campbell, to the hospital, to th RMH. Plus I used to pump in Wendy's room some, but she's sharing a room with another baby again and I don't feel comfortable pumping there now, and I'm not going to waste my time at the hospital in a lactation room, I'm going to spend that time with my baby. Luckily I have a freezer full of milk at home so between my supply at the house and hospital, I have enough for about 60 days (and that's if she goes back on full feeds immediately). I'm actually proud of myself. Most mothers with babies in the nicu only last about 2 weeks exclusively pumping.

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