Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back To 7 South, But Still No Relief For Us

Wendy is still improving at a decent rate. Her G tube is still leaking a bit, though. She had her picc line out today and they moved her to 7 South- which is in the main Vanderbilt hospital.

Unfortunately Zed and I are wore out. We are drained of happiness and energy. I went through the bad stages of it last week and I feel like it's caught up with Zed this week. I feel bad because if I could take all his sadness and worry from him, I would. I just want to see him smile again. And not just any smile, I want to see that smile that makes his blue eyes sparkle.

I'm hoping we'll both be a lot happier once we get Wendy home, which is supposed to be before Christmas. But I honestly feel like we're walking in circles here.

They're try to get her on a discharge feeding schedule, which means they'll reduce the time on her feeding pump. Well we already know if they take it below 2 hours she's going to have emesis. I just wish they'd leave well enough alone and let us take her home already. I mean really, who cares about condensed feeding?

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